Wahine Multisport Coaching and Racing

This whole adventure started when I began racing Iron distance triathlon in 2003. I hired a coach who did the best job that she could given the circumstances and our limited one on one contact. I finished Ironman Canada and I finished well but I suffered 2 bouts of pneumonia and multiple colds getting there. I decided to learn about the physiology of endurance racing and how to coach myself. Soon I was coaching a couple of friends. Then the next thing I knew I was coaching people I hadn’t ever met from all over North America and holding strength and conditioning classes for women twice per week. Out of necessity Wahine Multisport Coaching and Racing was born.

Coaching Services

I coach triathletes, cyclists and runners. My strengths lie in endurance events, not events that take less than one hour to complete.

My clients are primarily beginner and intermediate endurance athletes. It doesn’t matter how much of a newbie you are, how out of shape or how slow. There’s nothing that I love more than helping people achieve a goal they didn’t think was possible.

The type of coaching I provide depends on the client’s needs and the distance between us. I write many custom plans for people and coach from afar thanks to the internet. I also do one on one coaching for swimming, cycling and running form, including video analysis when needed.

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My email address is this company’s name, all one word, all lowercase, at good ol’ gmail.

Part of what I love about bikes is the adventures they take you on. So please be patient if I don’t get back to you right away, I’m likely out on a vanventure with my family.