Coaching Costs

I bill $80 USD or $110 CND/hour for coaching whether it’s one on one time or plan writing. If it requires my full attention, it gets billed at the same rate. This includes any communication time.

Custom Coaching Plans

Usually it takes a couple of hours to set up the program and the first month, so you’re looking at about $160 USD or $220 CNDfor that first step. Each month after that, it will take me about an hour’s worth of communication and problem solving to make your plan for that month, so about $80 USD or $110 CND/hour. However, remember this is by the hour. If there is a lot of adjustment to the plan or communication back and forth, it can add up to more than 1 hour per month on my end and therefore the cost goes up.

Swimming Form Coaching

This is billed out a $80 USD or $110 CND/hour. I do basic swim form work with clients but if you need more input than I feel is within my scope of available time or ability, I will happily refer you out to one of my many swim coach colleagues that do one on one work. Their rates will vary.

Cycling Skills and Form Coaching

This is billed out a $80 USD or $110 CND/hour.

Running Analysis

This is a video analysis using a treadmill. Base rate is $200 USD or $250 CND, but I will discount this rate if the analysis is simple. This analysis includes drill prescription and plans to address diagnosed running form faults.

One on one form coaching beyond the initial video analysis and drill prescription is billed out at $80 USD or $110 CND/hour.

Coaching Contact