BRT Day 12 and 13, July 18 and 19 – Igor goes under the knife

BRT 12, July 18 – Igor goes to the doctor

Tom took Igor into the shop in the morning. We had 2 or 3 calls by early afternoon confirming that we did have a leaking head gasket, that they also found a problem with the air conditioner and something else I don’t remember. We were looking at a big repair and a big price tag. But I was relieved that we got it looked at it before something catastrophic happened. It was actually quite a relief to find out what was wrong and that it was going to be taken care of.

I hiked with Fosco in the morning. Then there was a lot of lazing about in the air con, watching Le Tour, reading books and much needed napping after the stress and heat of the last few days.

View looking back towards Jim’s house.

Tom and I rode from the house in the evening when the clouds rolled in.

Can’t see the big mountains for the incoming clouds.

There was out the door (nearly) access to Green Mountain. The ride was still warm, I was still tired from my recent bonk and the altitude is no joke. It’s about 7000 ft at the highest point on the trail. Gaspy to say the least.

Iran into this healthy specimen coming don from Green Mountain.

I can’t say enough about the views and relaxing vibe at the place we stayed. We had the most amazing sunset to go with our dinner.

One of the most amazing sunsets.

BRT 13, July 19 – Resting in Golden

More bike riding. More resting in the air con. More Tour watching. Rode our bikes to a restaurant about 1.5 miles away. Unfortunately the ride home is almost entirely uphill. Not so easy after 2 glasses of wine.

Fosco sets a really good example on what resting in the air con should look like.

2 thoughts on “BRT Day 12 and 13, July 18 and 19 – Igor goes under the knife”

  1. Sounds like you guys are trucking right through the challenges.

    Curious about the sleeping issues. During the hot spells can you run the vent fan at night? Can’t remember your electrical/battery setup. Don’t remember solar on Igor?

    Real curious about Igor’s personal info. Grinding of head? Block? Lower end strong? Engine cooling system enhanced/changed?
    Thanks for the updates.
    As ususal stay safe &
    Keep the Rubber Side Down & the Sunnier Side UP!

    1. Pat,
      Yes, we can run a vent fan all night if needed but it hasn’t been needed. The fan uses 4 amps at its highest setting but less than one at a reasonable level. Even on the hot days, it has cooled off at night.
      No solar but the camping battery is 110 amp-hours. The only only continuous draw is the fridge but that only pulls 2 amps for a few minutes an hour. The lighting is all LED and the water pump is small so there isn’t much power needed.
      The van repair seems to have been successful. It is running a bit hotter than before but the temp is more stable, and the AC works again.
      – Tom

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