Big Road Trip – Day 0

The last couple of months have been some of the most difficult in my entire life. Between leaving my job of 11 years, packing up our house, dealing with immigration/citizenship issues, stressed pets and doing my best to minimize feelings of abandonment in my clients (many of whom I call friends) that I have treated for years.

Now it’s time to recharge. Tom and I are off on an extended vanventure! There’s no schedule and only a very loose plan to eventually end up in the Maritime provinces of Canada.
The house is rented to a wonderful couple, Sam and Collin, with their fur kids Kona and Jasper. Sam was my intern for nearly 4 months, is a recent PT graduate who is also moving into my old office, continuing care of many of my patients, taking over my Strong Chicks class and pretty much moving into my Hood River life. I’m happy for it. Check out her bio at

I’m so very thankful for all of the dear friends that came to one of the many see-ya-later parties and especially those that helped pack, haul stuff and fed us! You know who you are.

The van is loaded. My car is sold. My heart is grieving for the life I am leaving behind but also for a very dear friend from PT school who passed away the night before leaving town. I don’t know when the last time was that I’ve cried so hard. I’ll miss you Marcy.
Let the vanventure begin.

2 thoughts on “Big Road Trip – Day 0”

  1. You know you’ll do fine, you’ve moved lots before and survived. You’ll probably find that there are people that you know almost everywhere you go. Visitors are great once you’re settled again and it’s fun to re-connect.

    What’s with the Maritimes? I thought you were supposed to be eventually heading north to the fabulous Island? Love to see you.

    Safe travels,
    Sue & Dennis

    1. We will be heading north soon enough. The new Job starts on Sept 18th! Meanwhile, we’re traveling across the continent in our van.

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